With a Closet Full of Beautiful Bags, Why Do I Still Want More?

If you had told me ten years ago when I first began collecting designer handbags the contents of my closet today, I would have never believed you. When I assess the bags I own, I realize I truly am so lucky to have my “dream collection”. Over the last decade I have been mindful of how I build my collection, putting many hours into researching the handbags that I purchased (and okay, a few impulse buys here or there as well). In 2019 I added a few game changers to my collection, such as my Celine Luggage bag, Gucci Marmont camera bag, and a YSL Envelope bag. Why do I consider them game changers? Because I had them on my wishlist for years and to finally be able to purchase them felt like such an accomplishment. Those pieces were instrumental in my collection feeling “complete”.

Flash forward to 2020 and I had the intention of only purchasing one designer bag this year, my Louis Vuitton Onthego. I had obsessed incessantly over the Onthego for months, so when I got my hands on one in January I figured I was done with big ticket purchases this year. In addition to my many acquisitions the year prior, I had about a dozen other premier designer bags in my collection already and another dozen or so contemporary designer bags. I naively hoped that when I fulfilled the obsession of obtaining the Onthego, I would magically be done and the desire to buy more bags would subside. After all, I had obtained every bag I had on my “must-list” within my budget, so why would I want to add another bag into the mix?

Like any purse addict knows, the desire to buy something new is hard to shake. I have a closet full of beautiful bags that I am very fortunate to be able to own, and yet I still find myself thinking about what’s next? Nearly immediately after buying my Onthego, I became obsessed with the idea of owning a Chanel Flap bag, a Dior Book Tote, and a Birkin. I barely gave myself a second to love the bag I had spent months trying to buy before jumping onto the next handbag chase. I had to stop and ask myself, when is enough going to be enough?

Unfortunately for me, and my wallet, I know that I’m never going to stop buying bags all together. The thing is, handbags are a thing of comfort and familiarity for me, and the joy that I get from them isn’t solely associated with the act of purchasing of them. The reason I am still collecting bags a decade later is because of the delight I feel from hours spent researching designs and the late nights spent browsing social media or searching on the PurseForum. However, I am vowing to use more of my collection and shop within the contents of my closet before buying anything new. I waited so long to add these pieces to my collection and I need to be more mindful of appreciating them.

Do you find yourself constantly thinking of the next bag too?

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