What’s the Best Designer Bag Deal You’ve Ever Scored?

As bag lovers there are many things that excite us. For starters, let’s start with the obvious: nothing is as thrilling as acquiring a brand spanking new, fresh out of the dust bag, designer purse. We all know the feeling—that butterflies in your stomach, weak in the knees, shaky-hand inducing experience. Almost nothing is as exciting as a fresh designer handbag, except for when you score a seriously great deal on that shiny new purse.

While there are certain bags that we willing buy full price, knowing that a steal is just not possible for our latest love, other times we handbag lovers will wait it out. We wish, we pray and yes, we stalk our list of wants with the hope that we’ll snag a great deal. Other times we browse the sale section out of boredom and pure curiosity, just to see what’s out there. And while sometimes the right deal is hard to come by, occasionally the stars align and the handbag odds are in our favor.

Take Megs for example, who a couple of months back shared the insane bag deal she scored on a croc Proenza Schouler PS1. The bag was a silhouette that she was already fawning over in a stunning exotic skin, and the markdown was basically too good to be true. She pulled the trigger and never regretted the purchase, which sometimes is the problem with a great deal.

While deals and steals aren’t hard to come by (retailers make markdowns seasonally, often offering extra percentages off as incentives too), the right sale bag is. As bag lovers, it’s easy to be blinded by a great price. Let’s be honest, most of us have been enamored by a bold red 70% off headline, only to realize that the bag in our cart isn’t actually all that great. However the best bag deals are the ones we find on styles that are already high on our want list, thus ensuring we won’t have buyer’s remorse.

For me, the best deal I ever scored fell right into my lap. I had always wanted a Chloé Drew bag when a friend of mine texted me that Intermix was having a crazy sale. I added a Chloé Drew in blush pink to my cart, hands shaking as I typed in my credit card number, but when I went to finalize my purchase, I realized the bag had sold out. Though I was bummed, I didn’t feel that I was settling for my backup up: a creamy off-white Drew with a chunky gold chain. When the bag arrived any hesitation I had disappeared and I was in love.

The bag retailed for around $1,950 and I scored it for about $500—it was a steal and though I have to baby it a bit more than I would a blush pink, I’m so happy that I purchased it, and to this day it remains the best designer bag deal I ever scored. What was yours? Were you blinded by an insane markdown or are you and your deal living happily in bag heaven?

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