What Is the Last Bag That Really Excited You?

I’ve been collecting handbags for well over a decade, but I’ve loved them almost as long as I’ve been alive. I was so young when I discovered the world of designer purses, that I don’t truly recall the age at which I began loving bags. I do however remember my first holy grail bag. It was a Louis Vuitton Speedy bag, and it made its way from inside the fashion magazines I made my mom purchase for me onto construction paper, surrounded by other trendy items my pre-teen self imagined I would wear when I was ‘grown up’.

Eventually I acquired a few small bags, mostly Coach, and one tiny Dior bag, which kept my lust at bay until there was an event that justified the purchase of my holy grail. I graduated high school with my Speedy in hand and soon my tastes graduated as well. I can’t remember exactly when I got ‘over’ my LV Speedy, but eventually I went from carrying it every single day, to using it sparingly, until I stopped carrying it altogether.

When I moved apartments earlier this summer, I began reassessing my closet and of course that included my collection of handbags. I started thinking about which bags no longer served me well and decided that I could possibly part with 2 of them. While I knew I would potentially save some of the money if I did decide to sell, I also thought about recycling the funds and putting them towards a new bag purchase. But, the further I thought about it, the more I realized it’s been nearly a year since I got really, really excited about a bag.

While admittedly I like a lot of bags, there’s a big difference between like and love. There are many bags that I would happily accept and gladly use if someone were to gift them to me, but at this time I can’t think of one I would be genuinely excited enough about to purchase with my hard earned money. In fact, the last bag that really excited me was the Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoires. The minute I saw it, I got the ‘I’ve gotta have it’ feels, complete with butterflies in my stomach and the head rush that I would do whatever it took to purchase it.

Though I’ve been impressed with bags since then, I haven’t felt that ‘gotta have it’ punch in my gut in quite some time. Maybe I’m getting pickier as I get older, or maybe it’s the sheer fact that I see so many bags on a day to day basis, but I just haven’t been super excited enough to actually want to purchase a bag.

What about you? Have you been over the moon about a bag recently? Which is the last bag that really excited you?

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