Tired of this shit from therapists

I’ve had a lot of therapists. I have been in the psych ward, partially hospitalized, etc for mental illness.

Here are the things they have done that were insanely annoying: -in group, prioritized hearing from attractive women -compared my struggles with something trivial (IE going to AA meetings for your alcoholism is just like going to yoga class, for me!) -said things that weren’t true about certain disorders instead of admitting they didn’t know something or because they didn’t fact check before sharing something -flirted with me in therapy sessions -spent most of the therapy session talking about themselves and their own lives -used complicated and long stories to illustrate simple points -talked over me when I was talking -talked about their own problems in my therapy sessions -made dramatic decisions about my mental illness or diagnosis having had a single session with me -would change the subject when I brought up certain topics (???? No idea why) -didn’t recognize when I was in a serious situation, downplayed the things I told them -didn’t try to understand the problem, instead gave trite advice and tried to change the subject -told me they weren’t there to help me solve my problems (??!! What are you here for them??!) -every time I brought up a problem, told me meditation was the answer (can be helpful I guess??)

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