Throwback Thursday: Celebs and Their Celine Bags

Long before Hedi Slimane dropped the é in Celine, British designer Phoebe Philo completely redefined fashion for women with her use of tonal colors and a keen eye for minimalist designs. The year was 2008 and Philo would go on to design for Celine for a decade, producing handbag hit after handbag hit in the meantime. Though one of her most notable designs is the iconic (and still beloved) Luggage Tote, #oldceline fans know that Philo’s legacy at Celine is about more than just one iconic carryall. Like many of us, stars fell in love with Philo’s stylish, yet functional designs, and if there’s one thing to note it’s that Philo was extremely good at designing silhouettes that kept fans coming back for more. Like us, stars were extremely brand loyal to Celine during the Philo era as you’ll see below, filling their collections and closets with multiple bags by the beloved designer. Take a look at the many Celine Bags of celebs during the Philo-era (with a bonus that pre-dates her thrown in there too!).

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