This Salvatore Ferragamo Bag Lives in My Mind Rent Free

If I’m being entirely honest, I haven’t purchased very many handbags this year. Of course I still admire and appreciate handbags, that will never change, but when it comes to actually making purchases, I’ve been slower to pull the trigger. I’ve decided to chalk it up to staying home more and carrying bags less, but nevertheless, I haven’t added many pieces to my collection this year. However, I can feel my mindset beginning to shift, because I have been obsessing over the Salvatore Ferragamo Studio Satchel.

While the Studio Bag has been around for a few seasons now, Ferragamo is not a brand I normally gravitate towards, and this bag stayed largely under the radar for me until recently. When I first saw the Studio bag, it was love at first sight. I tend to gravitate towards larger bags, and the simple, elegant shape of the Studio bag had me wowed from the beginning. The Studio bag has a gorgeous hardware detail which features the signature Ferragamo buckle. It also comes with a removable shoulder strap, giving it dual functionality. If you know me, you know that dual functionality is a huge consideration for me when handbag shopping. In fact, removable straps have been known to seal the deal on several occasions when adding bags to my collection. I’ve been wearing bags crossbody all year, so the fact that it comes with the strap is a huge bonus.

In addition to a removable crossbody strap, it also comes with a removable pouch, which I find to just be an exciting and incredible feature of the bag. I use my Louis Vuitton Neverfull pouches all of the time, so the fact that the Studio satchel comes with a pouch is a huge allure. Making it even more functional for my lifestyle, the Studio is a spacious bag. The medium size has measurements of 11.8″ L x 13.7” W x 7” D, which is more than enough space to carry my belongings. There are smaller and larger Studio versions as well, so if the medium isn’t your size preference, they’ve got you covered. The Studio bag features protective feet along the bottom, which is not a necessity for me when buying a bag, but is always very appreciated for handbag maintenance and protection.

Overall, the Studio satchel has all of the design details that I look for when adding a bag to my collection. The design has an air of sophistication and elegance that I am very drawn to. The classic shape and understated details make it a bag that I could carry for years to come. The price point is $2,700 for the medium size, which is the size that caught my eye. Of course I wish it was priced a little lower, however $2,700 is an appropriate and expected price point for a designer handbag of this size and quality.

This bag currently lives in my head rent free and I can feel it moving into obsession territory. I have never owned a Salvatore Ferragamo bag, but I have a feeling that the Studio bag will likely be my first. Do you own a Studio Bag from Salvatore Ferragamo? Do I need to add one to my collection? Please share your comments below!

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