The Rumor Mill is Swirling on a Chanel Price Increase in 2021

One of the constant worries for Chanel lovers is an upcoming price increase to their favorite brand. So much so that we have a thread with over 555 pages on PurseForum dedicated to chatting all things Chanel price increases. A few things seem constant in the designer bag world: new bags will be made and prices will go up. And the latter is especially true for Chanel.

There was a lot, and I mean a lot, of discussion and thoughts on the price increases that hit Chanel in 2020. And just as the new prices hit, shoppers started worrying about the next price increase that may hit the brand. The rumor mill is swirling that for Chanel’s Spring-Summer 2021 collection, which should hit stores around February or March, there may be another price increase looming.

What to expect?

Right now this is a rumor, one that has gathered some traction but nothing has been confirmed. Chanel will not confirm a price increase before it happens and sales associates too are embargoed not to share this information with their clients. Yet, every year, someone with a bit more knowledge than the next is able to find this information and spill the beans. Right now, the rumor on a Chanel price increase for 2021 claims there will be a $400 increase on Chanel Classic Flap and Boy Bags and a $500 increase on Chanel Coco Handle which will affect the US.

The price increase in 2020 happened in May so this would be less than a year from the last increase. Bags in the 2020 increase were hit with anywhere from a 2.5% increase to a 25% increase, with the average being around 11-15%. We will keep you posted on any additional information we find out!

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