The Best National Handbag Day 2020 Snaps and Shares

Over the weekend we celebrated the 8th anniversary of over very own holiday: National Handbag day. We started this holiday years ago to celebrate our love of handbags and share it with this community we’ve created and beyond! The people who read our site and interact on our forum have become like family and our websites have also become a welcomed safe haven for the hundreds of thousands of like-minded bag lovers around the world. And while we recognize that there are much larger issues going on in the world than our beloved bags, we can’t help but take pause and celebrate them. For us, and for many others, our bags are more than just bags, they’re an intimate look into our lives and who we are.

Bags for us have always been a passion and hobby that allows us to escape a bit from the harder parts of life, and now more than ever taking care of our mental health is so important. It also happens to be that National Handbag day coincides with World Mental Health day, so don’t forget to be kind to yourself and others – check in with those you love, it’s more important now than ever.

And without further ado, we’re here to share our favorite shares from National Handbag day to help you take a minute for yourself today! Which bag did you carry to celebrate?

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