PurseForum Roundup – July 3rd

Hello Purseblog family! Thankfully it’s Friday, and hopefully by now you all know what that means—we have an update on the lastest PurseForum news for you! We’re here to bring you some of the best member-made content, but don’t forget to become a member of the tPF family to discover all that our community has to offer. With that being said let’s jump right in…

Today we’re starting off with some red hot Gucci. This new addition was shared by member t_v in the “New Gucci: A Collective Mini Reveal Thread!”. Gucci’s quilting is still highly coveted and we’re loving this one in red.

Malinapurse shared her super unique Lady Dior perfect pair in the “The Lady Dior (pictures only)” reference thread. This snap absolutely took my breath away. The texture on this Lady is gorgeous.

Shout out to one of my favorite Hermès bags. Personally, I feel that it doesn’t get enough love. Yes, I’m talking about the 24/24. Our member ILQA posted this beauty to the “Red Color Family…Pics Only!” reference thread. What a truly stunning share!

I really love a great vanity bag, so the Filigree bag holds a special place in my heart. This eye-catching stunner was posted by our member annanna02 in the “**VANITY FILIGREE CASE** Club” thread.

Our member SoniaKaur got a great gift for her 23rd wedding anniversary— a beautiful Pochette Metis! Read more details in her reveal thread “My First Louis Vuitton”.

I’m also loving the flowery vibes member Chrisenvouge88 shared in the “Which COACH bag are you carrying today?”. What a great pop of color for summer!

Thank you all for tuning in to check out what our members had to share this week. We’ll touch base again next week with some more purse-based eye candy. Until then have a great weekend.

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