PurseForum Roundup – July 10th

Hello Purseblog family, it’s Friday and we just found the lastest PurseForum news for you! To all of our newbies who may be reading, these roundups are the best way to stay up to date on the latest tPF happenings. We read through our community’s posts and comb through some amazing snaps and shares to bring you everything from the latest reveals to what people are wearing, all to bring you some of our favorite member-made content. Don’t forget to join the tPF family if you want in on a chance to be featured!

We’re starting off today with this new comer posted by our member Pollie-Jean in the “Antigona Soft” thread. Great to see some forum photos of this fresh bag we recently shared on the site with you.

The minimalist vibes of member coolmelondew’s vertical cabas bag that was posted in the “Your CELINE in action PICS!” thread really caught my eye. A truly great bag in a great patch of sun.

We still have so much love for the Proenza Schouler PS11. Thank you to our member lenarmc for sharing in the “What is the last handbag you bought? Share a photo with us!” thread. Don’t forget to post yours too.

Member _kiki119_ shared their “new-to-them” Lady Flap in the “Photos of your Chanels in action…” thread. We hope you’re loving your new addition!

A brilliant Hermes family photo by our member xxDxx was shared in the “Gray/White Color Family…Pics Only!” reference thread.

Next up is this matchy-matchy combo member kazenokazuki posted to the “WHAT WAS YOUR LAST DIOR PURCHASE?” thread. A lovely duo indeed!

That’s all for this week. Don’t forget to share your latest with us, you just might see your snap or share here next week!

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