My New Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie

I will always remember my first Bottega Veneta bag purchase. I was on a trip to Europe with one of my college best friend’s and we spent a few days in Venice (Vlad met up with us there). It was spring, the weather was idyllic, and visiting Venice for the first time felt like a permanent fairytale. Our hotel was far nicer than we were dressed and prepared for, and I knew I wanted to get a new bag to mark the occasion. The Bottega Veneta store in Venice was quaint, and had a wall of bags. I nearly left with the typical Bottega Veneta Veneta Hobo, but then I decided I wanted to pick something a little different. So there I was, recently graduated from college with a blog that was doing well, wearing what I thought were the most fashion-forward Gucci sunglasses with a tank top and long skirt and sandals (that was the look in 2007!) buying an expensive handbag in Venice, Italy. It was something that two years prior would seem like an absolute never-going-to-happen scenario.

Once you experience the absolutely impeccable craftsmanship and superb quality of Bottega Veneta leather (and the seamless technique to its Intrecciato), you will always be a BV fan. My first Bottega Veneta bag was a tote in a subtle purple hue, Old Petra – a color that mixes purple, beige, and brown together immaculately.

When Daniel Lee took the helm from Tomas Maier at Bottega Veneta, a whole new look ensued. There was a craze for the brand that wasn’t felt before as Bottega Veneta under Maier was more subdued and classic for those who opted to fly under the radar a bit. While there’s The Pouch from Bottega Veneta that is more of a fashion statement piece in the oversized version, some more classic bags with Lee’s twist have become quite sought after as well.

Enter the Bottega Veneta Jodie Bag. This bag meets the wants for those who crave a more classic Bottega Veneta feel with a modern update. The bag is a spin on the timeless Bottega Veneta Veneta Hobo with a knotted detail on the strap. There are three sizes, the Maxi, Medium and Mini (which is my new bag). Each bag is woven by hand which offers a curved, seamless design for the final product.

The weave on this bag and many of Lee’s designs differ from Maier in that it’s larger to offer a subtly amplified dimensionality. I find the larger size on the woven leather to give the bags more of a modern look, even a bit more laid back than the smaller weave. The interior is lined in smooth calfskin which is a nice touch and the zipper pull is more ornamental as it’s also larger and in a curved shape with a gold-metal finish. I have the Mini version, which works more as a clutch or small day carry than a bag that would suit your everyday essentials. Plus, as this is smaller and needs to be carried by hand (though you could push it up your arm a bit), I find it suited for specific occasions than using for the day as you’d have to be touching the leather strap a lot more often.

LUISAVIAROMA gifted me this bag for my fall wardrobe refresh. The color is the perfect hue of a cream/tan mixture, light yet neutral and classic yet feminine. Vlad and I have slowly (and by slowly I mean we went to dinner outside once) been trying to get back to date nights, and this bag will be my next carry for sure. Shop the Maxi and medium version here. If you love the Mini, LUISAVIAROMA has it in black for $1,720.

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