Looking for Replacement Wallet (Similar Configuration)

Of all the brands to find a wallet I like – Jessica Simpson had a wallet a few years ago that is perfect for me. The problem of course is that these are $10-20 wallets and won’t last. By not lasting I mean the outside “leather” finish. The zipper and inside is still perfect. I’ve found a few similar off-brand wallets (fake leather) at the Leather Store if I’m lucky but I don’t understand why no one else makes this. Generic brand Amazon/eBay ones aren’t quite right either.

So, it’s two compartments – one for cards and the other for cash, receipts, other.

Both compartments need to have the zip-around. I don’t like the snap closure, especially on the section that has credit cards that could fall out.

I like the long wallets (the ones that could fit cash and a checkbook.

One compartment needs the window for the ID cards. Also 10+ credit card slots.

The other compartment has a few pockets for wide things like papers, money, checkbook and in the middle a zipper compartment for change and other small items.

This particular one has a tiny outside zipper compartment too on one side but that’s not really important.

Fossil, The Sak, and Coach type purse are what I would carry in a plain leather but I can never find a wallet they make that is close enough. The department store organizer wallets like Mundi are never quite right either.

The Jessica Simpson brand had that same general wallet a year or so later in a different style but I’ve avoided that one because the printed logo lining inside was too awful. So there’s not a lot of choice if I stick with rebuying that one and I’d love a higher quality made of leather.

Is there any company I’m missing? Or a company that made that in the past and I can set an eBay alert?

Here are a few pictures from an eBay auction to illustrate the configuration I’m looking for:



I don’t actually use my wallet to store my cell phone and I know that’s the direction they’re going with a lot of wallets so I don’t mind of it’s an older one I need to just watch for in new condition on eBay. It’s more the higher quality fabric or leather exterior I’m going for.

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