It’s Official, Barrel Bags Are Back and Here Are the Best

Early on in 2019 we identified barrel bags as a trend to keep an eye out for and now over a year later the trend is here and it’s in full swing. While last year we were seeing this adorable cylindrical shape popping up amongst our favorite contemporary designers, now a year later many of our favorite premium designers have gotten in on this growing trend.

While this shape is nothing new to handbag lovers (hands up if you love(d) the LV Papillon), it’s been over a handful of years since this once beloved shape was prevalent throughout the market. Now that the shape is back, Papillon lovers start digging through your closet or scouring the resale market!

We took a deep dive into the internet’s many nooks and crannies to find out which designers are doing the barrel bag. Personally I’m loving Prada’s Nylon Vela version and of course Chanel’s leather chain version is stunning too! Take a look below at some of our favorite finds.

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