How Covid-19 is Affecting the Fashion Industry

The Covid19 virus is affecting every industry in the world today. The fashion industry is not immune to its effects. Due to the rules set out by the WHO the effects are taking its toll on every industry from raw material to consumer.

Raw Materials

The raw materials industry at the moment is struggling with labor and transport issues. people are not allowed to come close to each other, commuting poses exposure to the virus, thus endangering lives. Unless the situation changes these problems will continue to plague the industry.


Manufacturing is another industry hard hit by sudden changes. Factories are being closed for many reasons apart from the workforce issue. There are not as many orders coming in to make it profitable to operate very large manufacturing plants. In some cases, there are backups of non-essential products that have been banned from shipping by some major stakeholders.

Non essential Industries

The hardest hit in this pandemic is the non-essential industries. Daily people are becoming more and more aware of the seriousness of Covid19. And as such most if not all resources are being focused on the essentials needed for survival. It is funny though since it has always been taught that the basic needs are food clothing and shelter. It may be a while before the fashion industry can climb it’s way up the ladder into the category of clothes as essential during this pandemic.

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