Celebrating Fendi Peekaboo Day With the New Peekaboo ISEEU

Twelve years ago, I had recently graduated from college, we still lived in Columbus, Ohio, and our website had just started to gain some serious traction. My days were spent waking up by 9, writing a quick blog post, then going to get breakfast at our favorite spot. My life was carefree and my passion for designer bags was at an all-time high. 2008 was also the prime of it-bags, and brands worked quickly to release bags they hoped would become the next highly sought after wear on the market. While many of the it-bags were marked with less classic and more trendy design elements, Fendi released its stylish, yet subtle Peekaboo to immediate praise and success.

The first Fendi Peekaboo arrived in Rome on September 9th, 2008 ahead of Fendi’s upcoming fashion show. While every brand hopes its next bag will be a hit, Fendi had a fashion staple on its hands. Some bags quickly gain cult status, and the Peekaboo is part of that select group of handbag royalty. A major difference compared to other bags of its the time, the Peekaboo’s clean, simple lines and inherently classic design made it appear as if the Peekaboo had existed for decades prior. Silvia Venturini Fendi said she was “looking for a traditional yet modern contemporary shape, able to satisfy the most sophisticated women.”

The name of the bag is derived from the popular Peekaboo game played with young children, which is a nod to the brand’s playful spirit. But the Peekaboo is anything but childish. It’s a bag that is powerful, versatile, elegant, and refined. Though the Peekaboo is all of these things, it is still light and fun with bright colors, rainbow sequins, tiny sizes, and other renditions that show the cheerful and lively side of the house.

While the exterior on the Peekaboo appears simple, it’s a unique combination that allows the soft front panel to fold down into a playful smile, giving onlookers a peek into the bag itself. Interpreted in an array of materials, colors, sizes, and designs, there is truly a Peekaboo for everyone. The new Fendi Peekaboo ISEEU has softer front and back leather which allows the smile to drop a bit deeper, revealing the removable internal pocket that can be personalized with your initials.

My personalized Beige Peekaboo ISEEU Medium

The pouch snaps into place on the stiff center partition and you can add your initials in gold along the top of the pocket to make this bag even more of a statement piece. Fendi offers the Peekaboo ISEEU Pocket in a variety of colors and materials which allows for further personalization, and each can have your initials heat stamped in store.

The medium size fits the custom pocket while the new East-West is smaller and does not have room for the removable pocket. The Fendi Peekaboo ISEEU East-West is best suited for evenings out or when you need to carry a bit less, while the Medium size is perfect for everyday carrying. The center partition splits the bag into two main compartments, so you can easily organize the bag as it suits your needs. One of the best aspects about Fendi is the ability to customize a bag to your choosing, and the Fendi Peekaboo ISEEU takes it one step further. You can also add a strap to make the bag more casual, and I love the sophistication of the beige leather paired with a brown canvas logo strap for a casual, yet elevated look.

Happy Birthday Fendi Peekaboo, thank you for being one of the most loved bags in my collection!

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